Teaching & Publications

Teaching Experience

  • SQL Fundamentals, Girl Develop IT!
  • LEVEL Analytics Bootcamp, Northeastern University
  • BU3315 Quantitative Analysis, ITT Technical Institute
  • EN1320 Composition I, ITT Technical Institute
  • EN1420 Composition II, ITT Technical Institute


  • A Problem of Biography: Plath, Hughes, the Glass Crypt, and the Infinite Moment (Lifewriting Annual, Volume 1, 2006, Pages 109-121)
  • Making Data Relevant for Teachers: Counselor Leadership and Collaboration (South Carolina School Counselor Association Annual Conference, Nov 2010)
  • School Counselors as Innovation Leaders through Data Analysis (Phi Delta Kappa International Conference on Innovations in Teaching and Learning, Feb 2011)
  • The Relationship Between School Counselors and Career-Technical Education: Is This As Good As It Gets? (South Carolina Education & Business Summit, Jun 2011)