Selected Testimonials

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    Dave Royer

    Southeastern University

    "Jonathan took the time to discuss my project and get a feel for all I hoped to accomplish. His expertise and knowledge filled in the gaps for me and helped me to understand and explain my results. The quality of the work was superb and he was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services!"

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    Denis Eirikis

    ClearLight Communications Inc.

    "I was short-staffed and it was the weekend. My graphic artist was on vacation. We had a last minute forty-page proposal that had to go out the door by Monday morning LOOKING GOOD. I hadn't even written it yet and I am lousy at polished layout. Jonathan Fowler came to our rescue. He exceeded my expectations in every way, delivered on time, within budget, and even made some last minute changes at no charge. Jonathan is now part of the Clear Light go-to team. I heartily recommend him."

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    Ean Jackson

    Analytics Marketing Inc.

    "I was in a terrible place: big project due in 24 hours, it's a holiday weekend and I needed someone who not only knew Microsoft Word's advanced formatting features, but who had a strong sense for how business documents need to communicate. Mission impossible… until I met Jon."

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    VK Shah


    "Mr. Fowler provided quick and detailed proofreading for a film pitch packet. He took my words and brought a professional feel to it. He has a great knowledge of wording, style, and structure."

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    Jacquelynn M. Hairston, MHA

    Efficient and dependable. We need more companies like this that conduct business with integrity and honesty.